Well we are planning to build a new home and moving from burbs of Denver to the hills of Colorado in what many call the banana belt of Conifer.  This blog is something to share with others who want to see the progress and maybe use some of the knowledge for their own projects.  We are building what many call a “big house”.  It will offer many things shared and each family its own living space.  It will house my wife (Karyn) and I (Seth), my parents (Rick & Carrie), my Sister (Ashlea), brother-in-law (Tyler) and their soon to be baby girl (Name TBD, Coming in February 2018).

This process started in late 2016 and is now slowly coming to its beginning. The whole project is to be completed in the fall of 2017.  Please sign in to see what goes on as the process happens.  I will update as often as possible and look forward to this adventure.

One thing that is helping us out on this endeavor is a little phrase my Grandfather told me my Grandmother always used in life.  She would say when an obstacle comes up in life, “simply adjust”.  Such simple words but so wise to use and apply.  No doubt we will need to use them a lot in this process.

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