Oh, How Things Change!!!

So Monday was a rough day for Dad and I. We failed our leach field inspection and had a lot of work to get done (another foot of dirt to remove and blowing up two fairly large rocks that were in our way) we had what seemed like one thing after another fall apart and by the end of the day we were toast. Tuesday was a little better, we worked hard but still did not have our excitement back, we were just working at moving dirt and started the drilling to blow up the rock in the leach field.

Wednesday (today) was awesome! It seemed like we got two weeks worth of work done in a day. We were able to get the following done.
– Moving Rock from the basement
– Both of our septic tanks were delivered and set in place (2 Tanks, 1,250 gallon and 1,0000 gallon tanks)
– We had an appointment with our structural engineer and got a plan started for the foundation design
– Final removal of a couple of huge rocks that were sticking up above the grade of our basement
– Explosive guys showed up and we blew up our leach field rocks (we had to put 1-2′ of dirt on top of rocks to dampen the sound and concussion of explosion)
– Electrical Power Contractors came and started installing the power poles and line.

Needless to say by the end of the day we felt very accomplished and its only Wednesday. Check out the video montage of our day.


Eww, Leaches

So we are digging our leach field for the septic system. Slowly we move dirt in so we can fill with sand later. But a perk today was seeing a huge herd of Elk on the way in. There were about 60+ and they looked really healthy. I guess hunting season is over so they decided to come back out. HAHA. Funny how they know when that is all happening.

Who wants to blow something up? Oooh pick me!! ✋🏻 💣 🎇 ☄️

While doing some of the excavation in the basement we came across a huge rock. It is about 12′ around and about 3′ above grade and it has to go. There are a couple of options.

1- Rock Breaker- Using equipment that is like an oversized jack hammer to break up the rock.

2- Blasting- Drill multiple holes, fill with explosives and ignite to break apart the rock.

We had to go with option 2 due to the size and makeup of the rock. This entailed getting a blasting company (A & A Blasting and Drilling) to check out the rock (Wednesday). They were able to get us in the schedule today, which was awesome so we jumped at it.

Blasting consisted of the following
– Drilling 61 holes approximately 24″-30″ (This took about 5-6 Hours)
– Installing explosives 100 lbs. of Ammonia Nitrate = 30lbs of Dynamite
– Installing Blasting Caps that were daisy chained together to make sure all of them went off.
– Phone call to Park County to inform them of the coming blasting
– Warning that blasting is coming (2 sets of 3 horn blasts) and a “Fire in the Hole”
– Set off the charges
– Boom!!!!!!

So I put together a video of the day and what it entailed. Funny thing is once it was blown, Dad and I were a bit shocked over the event. In a word, it was “Awesome!!”.

Update – Leach Field and Driveway

So we are moving ahead full steam right now since the weather has been nice to us. We hope it will keep going. There is supposed to be some snow tonight which is a bit of a two edged sword for us, I will explain.

First, we rented a piece of equipment to move dirt again. The first day (Last Thursday) we worked on the Leach field (a leach field is the end of the Septic system). The leach field consists of perforated pipe (2 pipes, 1 1/2″ in diameter and 72′ long) that leach the remaining waste (which is only liquid at this point) back into the ground. It is then filtered through 3 feet of sand, 1 foot of 1 1/2″ rock and then back into the ground. By this point it is ok for the ground to absorb and not cause problems.

Second, we needed to add road base to the driveway to meet the code for Park County. It will also solidify the driveway and make it easier to drive one with 2 wheel drive. The decomposed granite we have on most of the road is like little ball bearings. They are great for a base but do not compress much and make it less stable then we would like to drive on. The road base has more dirt in it to lock all of it in place and make it a nice road to drive on. The snow coming will help, as it will enable things to settle and lock together. At least that is what we have been told. Time will tell.

As the video shows long days in a tractor can drive you a bit stir crazy. Enjoy!!

Permit me please?!?!?!

As we move along we are learning there are a lot of permits to obtain in the process of building our new home. When looking to build your home it is good to have these all generally in mind for your budget. If you don’t it can cost you quite a bit more than you would expect. So far we have obtained the following, the fire mitigation was one we learned about today at the county building office (fortunately its only $150). Each have one year to complete.

– Driveway $100
– Well $100
– Septic System. $523
– Excavation $100
– Power Lines (no permits but easements and approval from power company)

To be obtained in the future

– Fire Mitigation $150
– Building (depends on sq footage)
– Electric, Plumbing
– Not sure what I am missing here

Many feel that Building Permits and building codes are a hinderance and make it difficult to build. While at times these codes may seem over the top, in reality they are there to protect us and help make sure a structure that is built that will be correct, safe, efficient and affordable for years to come. Following them creates a better home and less headaches in the future. Communication with the county, city and inspectors can save you time, effort and problems through out the project.

It takes a Village…

As we all know learning something new can be both exciting and scary. The learning process has also changed since years ago.  Where the internet search engine Google didnt exist before 1998, today “Google” is now a verb.  “I don’t know, Google it!” are words that most have uttered when trying to figure something out, probably on a regular basis.  I know I do.  Well the options continue to grow as to where you can find content to learn about something you previously were oblivious to.  The crazy thing is you can learn how to do something new and be fairly proficient at it.  Learning what to do, what to avoid, good materials to use, tips and tricks from others who may have done this task 100’s of times.  How great is that!!

One of my favorites is YouTube.  While it can be a huge time waster, looking at endless cute cat videos. (Funny Cat Video) It can also help you learn and complete a given task within minutes.

I will give you an example.  My Dad has  1997 Ford F-350.  It is a great truck. A few weeks back he pulled out from the house and the truck died in its tracks.  Usually that would mean something catastrophic happened.

Google to the rescue. He typed in what was happening and within a short period of time he was able to find out the problem and fix it himself.

This has been very helpful with our project as well. Somethings we have a hold on and will have no problems with. But other tasks will be totally new to us. With help from the internet, friends and other professionals we will learn a lot by the end of this project.

The Rock (No we are not talking about Dwayne Johnson)

So because we are building in the mountains we have met up with some fairly large rocks/mountain sides that are a little larger than we had hoped for. But considering the space we had to move dirt from, it has not been too bad.

When it comes to removing rock there are a few ways this can be done and much depends on the depth and type of rock. Most of what we had to move was decomposed granite. It came out easily and bonus was that it worked great for our driveway.

We have had to remove some of these larger rocks with a huge rock breaker that hooked up to the back hoe that we rented. But unfortunately we have a large one that will need to be blown up. Yes, I said “blown up”, woooohoooo! Even though we are bummed about spending money on this, we are also excited about watching it get blown up. That will happen in the weeks to come. I will post an update as this comes about.

The following video is a little lengthy, but it covers a long week of rock breaking. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/Bnl9rVB0/img_2278.mov

All Roads Lead to Rome? Wait where are we going?

All roads lead to Rome, just not ours. So we built a driveway. But until it settles and is driven on, it is a bit soft. Dad tried to haul his trailer up to the property on Saturday and could not due to a lack of traction. Today Tyler, Ashlea and Dad tried again. This time Tyler hooked chains up to Dads truck and they were able to get the trailer in place. This will give us a place to get out of the cold while working this winter. He will also not have to take up room at my uncles house (thanks Steve for letting him store it over there).

Another funny fact. Weather in Denver has been pretty cold for the past week or so. Around 15-20 degrees. In Pine it has been around 30-40 degrees. We are hopeful the winter will continue this way so we can stay ahead of schedule. Time will tell.