As we move along we are learning there are a lot of permits to obtain in the process of building our new home. When looking to build your home it is good to have these all generally in mind for your budget. If you don’t it can cost you quite a bit more than you would expect. So far we have obtained the following, the fire mitigation was one we learned about today at the county building office (fortunately its only $150). Each have one year to complete.

– Driveway $100
– Well $100
– Septic System. $523
– Excavation $100
– Power Lines (no permits but easements and approval from power company)

To be obtained in the future

– Fire Mitigation $150
– Building (depends on sq footage)
– Electric, Plumbing
– Not sure what I am missing here

Many feel that Building Permits and building codes are a hinderance and make it difficult to build. While at times these codes may seem over the top, in reality they are there to protect us and help make sure a structure that is built that will be correct, safe, efficient and affordable for years to come. Following them creates a better home and less headaches in the future. Communication with the county, city and inspectors can save you time, effort and problems through out the project.

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  1. Yeah we know about permits! We have been building a spec house and had to pull own permits…many trips to the county! But they were easy to work with and very helpful. It was no fun filling out all the paperwork! But very educational…we had final inspection on Monday..had 4things to fix…we got them fixed and we have another inspection today…let’s hope we pass!😱we already have a buyer from Las Vegas and we hopefully will close with them first week in February…..❤️

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