Drainage – Culverts

Making sure moisture gets away from your home is very important. It helps eliminate possible water damage, mold and other issues. Most homes use gutters and incline the dirt away from the home. We will employ both of these options and will make sure the water heads down and doesn’t cause us additional problems. Today we were able to install our culvert it was fun and a bit of hard work. Tyler took the day off work and ran the excavator. More work on the road tomorrow.


Stumps, be gone!!

So along with cutting trees down, there is a stump for each that remains. So these must be removed as well. Today November 29 we rented a piece of heavy equipment to move dirt, install culverts, level the driveway, dig the septic tank holes and remove stumps. We were pretty excited! Tomorrow and Friday Tyler is taking off work to help and we should get a lot done. I will update when able.

Nature “It’s All Over Me!!!”

One of my favorite things about building up in the mountains is being closer to nature.  Wildlife is a normal thing up here, most for our enjoyment, but at other times we are just part of the cycle that has been put in place.  You might wonder what I mean by that.  Well here it is.  As we have been looking at this piece of property nearly each time we have come up we have met new neighbors. Here is a quick list.  Deer, Elk, Coyote, Fox, birds (Steller’s Jays, mountain bluebirds, red breasted nuthatches (my favorite), squirrels and more).  We have also heard that at times we will have bears to keep out of trash cans  and that up the road from us, just last week there was a pair mountain lions that had a rather good dinner by taking a 150 lb goat out of its pin.  We look forward to seeing and being part of this beautiful place.   Enjoy a few pics and the time lapse.

A fun time lapse of our drive from the highway into the house.  Takes about 7-8 minutes at speed limits.


This past Sunday Dad, Mom, Tyler and Ashlea went up to the property to sit around the fire and cut up some trees.  They did accomplish this but also got a show.  The sunset was incredible.  Funny thing too is Dad said because they were in the mountains they probably wouldnt get as vibrant colors.  15 minutes later he was proved wrong.

                           IMG_1846      IMG_1848

IMG_1994IMG_1995        IMG_1997IMG_1998IMG_1999

Slash – Not a Horror Movie! Just Leftovers

Slash – We have come to learn that when you cut down a tree there is a lot of extra left over.  Slash is the small branches that cannot be saved to burn as lumber later.  There are few things that can be done.


Option 1– Slash can be piled up and left to decompose on its own.  The downside to this is that it takes quite a few years (up to 5 here in Colorado) and can become a fire hazard in the future.

Option 2– Rent a wood chipper and turn it into a giant pile of mulch.  This can be used around the site where needed but if left in piles, again can become a fire hazard.  If you have friends or neighbors that are in need of it then they can use it as well.

Option 3– Hauling it off- This is what we opted for.  Local waste management will accept it for a fee, there are also slash disposal programs available from local municipalities and counties usually at a discounted rate.  Look online for your local options.

We opted to haul just about all if out to eliminate moving it multiple times and creating additional work in mulching.

Cutting trees is certainly not something we want to do but necessary to build in that area.  Because of this we are waiting on some in the hopes that we will be able to save them.

A really cool program we heard about and will take advantage of later when in our home is finished is from the forest service.  For a small fee they will come out and show you how to do proper fire mitigation on your trees.  This will help for fire reduction as well as growing healthy trees around your home.