One of my favorite things about building up in the mountains is being closer to nature.  Wildlife is a normal thing up here, most for our enjoyment, but at other times we are just part of the cycle that has been put in place.  You might wonder what I mean by that.  Well here it is.  As we have been looking at this piece of property nearly each time we have come up we have met new neighbors. Here is a quick list.  Deer, Elk, Coyote, Fox, birds (Steller’s Jays, mountain bluebirds, red breasted nuthatches (my favorite), squirrels and more).  We have also heard that at times we will have bears to keep out of trash cans  and that up the road from us, just last week there was a pair mountain lions that had a rather good dinner by taking a 150 lb goat out of its pin.  We look forward to seeing and being part of this beautiful place.   Enjoy a few pics and the time lapse.

A fun time lapse of our drive from the highway into the house.  Takes about 7-8 minutes at speed limits.

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