Slash – Not a Horror Movie! Just Leftovers

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Slash – We have come to learn that when you cut down a tree there is a lot of extra left over.  Slash is the small branches that cannot be saved to burn as lumber later.  There are few things that can be done.


Option 1– Slash can be piled up and left to decompose on its own.  The downside to this is that it takes quite a few years (up to 5 here in Colorado) and can become a fire hazard in the future.

Option 2– Rent a wood chipper and turn it into a giant pile of mulch.  This can be used around the site where needed but if left in piles, again can become a fire hazard.  If you have friends or neighbors that are in need of it then they can use it as well.

Option 3– Hauling it off- This is what we opted for.  Local waste management will accept it for a fee, there are also slash disposal programs available from local municipalities and counties usually at a discounted rate.  Look online for your local options.

We opted to haul just about all if out to eliminate moving it multiple times and creating additional work in mulching.

Cutting trees is certainly not something we want to do but necessary to build in that area.  Because of this we are waiting on some in the hopes that we will be able to save them.

A really cool program we heard about and will take advantage of later when in our home is finished is from the forest service.  For a small fee they will come out and show you how to do proper fire mitigation on your trees.  This will help for fire reduction as well as growing healthy trees around your home.





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