As we all know learning something new can be both exciting and scary. The learning process has also changed since years ago.  Where the internet search engine Google didnt exist before 1998, today “Google” is now a verb.  “I don’t know, Google it!” are words that most have uttered when trying to figure something out, probably on a regular basis.  I know I do.  Well the options continue to grow as to where you can find content to learn about something you previously were oblivious to.  The crazy thing is you can learn how to do something new and be fairly proficient at it.  Learning what to do, what to avoid, good materials to use, tips and tricks from others who may have done this task 100’s of times.  How great is that!!

One of my favorites is YouTube.  While it can be a huge time waster, looking at endless cute cat videos. (Funny Cat Video) It can also help you learn and complete a given task within minutes.

I will give you an example.  My Dad has  1997 Ford F-350.  It is a great truck. A few weeks back he pulled out from the house and the truck died in its tracks.  Usually that would mean something catastrophic happened.

Google to the rescue. He typed in what was happening and within a short period of time he was able to find out the problem and fix it himself.

This has been very helpful with our project as well. Somethings we have a hold on and will have no problems with. But other tasks will be totally new to us. With help from the internet, friends and other professionals we will learn a lot by the end of this project.

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