The Rock (No we are not talking about Dwayne Johnson)

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So because we are building in the mountains we have met up with some fairly large rocks/mountain sides that are a little larger than we had hoped for. But considering the space we had to move dirt from, it has not been too bad.

When it comes to removing rock there are a few ways this can be done and much depends on the depth and type of rock. Most of what we had to move was decomposed granite. It came out easily and bonus was that it worked great for our driveway.

We have had to remove some of these larger rocks with a huge rock breaker that hooked up to the back hoe that we rented. But unfortunately we have a large one that will need to be blown up. Yes, I said “blown up”, woooohoooo! Even though we are bummed about spending money on this, we are also excited about watching it get blown up. That will happen in the weeks to come. I will post an update as this comes about.

The following video is a little lengthy, but it covers a long week of rock breaking.

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