All Roads Lead to Rome? Wait where are we going?

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All roads lead to Rome, just not ours. So we built a driveway. But until it settles and is driven on, it is a bit soft. Dad tried to haul his trailer up to the property on Saturday and could not due to a lack of traction. Today Tyler, Ashlea and Dad tried again. This time Tyler hooked chains up to Dads truck and they were able to get the trailer in place. This will give us a place to get out of the cold while working this winter. He will also not have to take up room at my uncles house (thanks Steve for letting him store it over there).

Another funny fact. Weather in Denver has been pretty cold for the past week or so. Around 15-20 degrees. In Pine it has been around 30-40 degrees. We are hopeful the winter will continue this way so we can stay ahead of schedule. Time will tell.

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