The Bible says at Ecclesiastes 3:1- “There is an appointed time for everything”. In life balance can be a hard thing to continue to possess over time. Many things demand our attention, but a few items are are a requirement. Building our home is something that, no doubt, needs to be accomplished, but making sure that it doesn’t overshadow all we do can be a challenge. It can overtake all that you think about and try to accomplish. One reason, is that it is enjoyable to build something that you will continue to enjoy. But I have come to find that setting limits helps to keep that balance in most things I do in life. Whether it be spiritual, familial or secular. Our project is teaching me new lessons when it comes to priorities. In our life we have adjusted much of our life due to circumstances. On a project of this magnitude balance to is needed to accomplish a task and move forward. We are working on a schedule for the coming months, for Dad and I having a goal for each day help us to make sure we “appoint” our time properly. Our video below shows some before pics along with some pics a couple weeks after the fact.

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