So Monday was a rough day for Dad and I. We failed our leach field inspection and had a lot of work to get done (another foot of dirt to remove and blowing up two fairly large rocks that were in our way) we had what seemed like one thing after another fall apart and by the end of the day we were toast. Tuesday was a little better, we worked hard but still did not have our excitement back, we were just working at moving dirt and started the drilling to blow up the rock in the leach field.

Wednesday (today) was awesome! It seemed like we got two weeks worth of work done in a day. We were able to get the following done.
– Moving Rock from the basement
– Both of our septic tanks were delivered and set in place (2 Tanks, 1,250 gallon and 1,0000 gallon tanks)
– We had an appointment with our structural engineer and got a plan started for the foundation design
– Final removal of a couple of huge rocks that were sticking up above the grade of our basement
– Explosive guys showed up and we blew up our leach field rocks (we had to put 1-2′ of dirt on top of rocks to dampen the sound and concussion of explosion)
– Electrical Power Contractors came and started installing the power poles and line.

Needless to say by the end of the day we felt very accomplished and its only Wednesday. Check out the video montage of our day.

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