Lots to be done before the snow flies.  The hardest part so far is the “hurry up and wait thing”.  Our plan is to get the following done this year (2017) and then start the foundation in the spring.

Driveway, Septic System, Well, Electrical and something else that I am forgetting at the moment.

1- Driveway-
This consists of applying for the permit, staking of the proposed route, the county has to approve our layout (for incline, access for emergency services and such).  Once this starts we will be able to complete the rudimentary road that is there now.IMG_8976

2- Septic System-
First part of this is design.  We had a gentleman come out that has been doing this for 30+ years.  He measures distance from the well and then inspects for the proper placement on the hill.  He stakes off four corners.  We will have to dig 2 trenches 8′ deep and 12′ long with a slope to walk into in order for him to check the soil (this is a check for water table levels and if there are any other concerns for the leach field).  Once this is done he will provide us with a design for our home.

3- Well-
This has turned out to be a bit of a process and hopefully will end with us having a viable well onsite that we didnt think could be used.  There is an existing well head that was never finally permitted.  We have a company that is going to case it and install a pump and line in it to see if it will work for us and our home.  More to come as we figure things out.

4- Electrical
IREA (Intermountain Rural Electric Association) came out to do an onsite inspection to see where we can bring power onto the site.  This will consist of cutting an opening through the forest 15 feet wide so that an access for poles can be installed.  Now that the onsite inspection is done they are going to engineer a plan of attack to make it happen.

So in the process of writing the above I remembered what I forgot.
Architect, Structural Engineer, Truss Engineer, building permit, tax id, propane and this is all before you even get to the build part.  Wow!!  But for today I will leave you with this at this point, when looking to build a home imagine the result and stay there.  Along the way (very quickly in the process) there will be some major bumps.  But as grandma said “simply adjust”.  So that is what we will do.


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