The work continues on the driveway. We are now a week into it. I have come to find out that there is a lot more dirt in an area than you would ever imagine. We have been pulling dirt from the site to use on the drive way for a week now and still have more to move. We, though, have been fortunate.

A lot of what has come out of the ground has been decomposed granite. This works great as the base of our drive way. We have a fairly long driveway so this is very helpful when it comes to cost. The other savings has to do with the fact that if we couldn’t use the dirt somewhere we would have it removed. We figured the driveway would probably be about 20-30 loads of road base (at around $430 each load, ouch!) if we didn’t have this dirt, so like I said we have been very fortunate here. Parts of the road have been built up about 4′ to have the proper slope and access once the house is built. We will continue for the next few days on the road and removing dirt the video below is of our progress over the past week. On the agenda is the digging of the septic tanks and the leach field. We also have some wood to deliver to the neighbor who gave us an easement for the power. We just got the easement completed by the survey company so will be hopefully scheduling the power poles and line installation soon. We will keep you updated.

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