Ruffles Have Ridges and So do Mountains

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Building on or close to the Ridgeline of the mountain. This was something we did not anticipate completely, but we were in compliance with it anyway. So you may be wondering what is Seth talking about and why am I hungry.

In our planning we didn’t know about the fact that you cannot build 25′ or higher above the ridge line of a mountain. The ridge line would be considered the point where the moisture runs off both sides of the mountain and down both sides. Kind of like the Continental Divide. The county sent out great guy who took multiple measurements and elevations via GPS and gave us an ok on our site location. This was fortunate for us because we have much of the site excavated. The reason they require to build below the ridge line is to keep the views beautiful and without large house sticking up in the forest. So this we agree is a great requirement.

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