It’s Electric, Boogy, Woogy, Woogy!

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Ok, so I had a little flash back to those electric slide days at weddings and suddenly started doing the chicken dance.

Now back on topic.  Power!!  I am planning to lean on my brother (Matthew) a whole bunch on this since (and already have some, thanks bro) he has been an electrician and doing low voltage for many, many years.  Oh and he is good at it, he is wired for it (ok corny I know, but dont care because it is my blog).  Anyway, that is another thing I am learning from this process.  Lean on others to provide the knowledge you dont have.  I will say this I dont want to be a leach on others, but it is certainly in our nature to help others and we know we are happier when we give.  So I hope that as I lean on others they will lean on me as well and I will give to them.

Right now like many other things we are in the design stage.  We met with the Power company to give them a general idea of what our needs will be.  Since we are in the mountains we will need to bring power to our lot.  This requires the power company (IREA) to design and install the proper poles and line.  We will have to cut out trees to make way and this will help us save money on them not needing to clear.

Design has a minimal cost and poles are little expensive.  But we have to have power other wise we end up with this… and I already checked with Karyn, she said “No Way!!!”

Bicycle Tub

As we gain more insight on the power supply side of things I will let you know.

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