So what can I say? This is a subject no one wants to talk about, but something everyone needs.  (What was the name of that book? – “Everyone Poops!“?) Anyway! Everyone needs some way to handle waste. The Israelites did it before they even knew the benefits health wise and that was just because they were being obedient.  Today when you are in a rural or mountain setting this calls for a septic system.

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If you are like me you thought, “ok we need septic, where can I buy the septic system or who can we get to install one?”  Well there is a bit more to it than that.  If you are on a smaller lot you will need a specially designed septic system, if the slope is over a certain level you will need a special septic system.  Fortunately there is someone you can hire to tell you what is required for your property.  We were fortunate and need just a basic system.  We are having test holes dug soon (8′ deep and sloped up to the surface).  These will allow the designer to check soil conditions, water levels, etc.  Our designer came out and staked off the desired area so we knew where to do the test holes.  Those are being scheduled.

Once these are done the designer will inspect and put together a design for us.  We will have about $1,700 in design costs (This includes the initial consultation, soil inspection, design, permit submittal and final inspection once installed) plus around $400-500 for test holes and $550 for the state permit.

More on this later once things start happening.  One final word though, lets call this tip number one for plumbing, “Never lick your fingers”!

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