“Everybody poops!” This is the title of a popular child’s book that helps potty train kids, or so I am told. It is, though, a simple fact. Our waste must go somewhere. In the case of building a house in the mountains, there is no option to hook up to city sewage disposal, so we are installing a Septic system with a leach field.

We have had to complete a few things before starting our septic adventures.

We were required by the county to have a system designed by an engineer to accommodate the home and its occupants. The engineer came and looked at the site, we then had to dig two 8′ deep holes where the leach field was going to be located. This was done to ensure ground water levels will not interfere with the system working properly in the future. These were inspected by the engineer before he provides the design. He then provided us a design for the home.

Test Hole 1

It will consist of the following-

-1,250 Gallon Septic Tank two bay system

-1,000 Gallon Septic Tank two bay system with siphon

-Leach field- 72′ Long, 12′ Wide, 5′ Deep with various levels of sand and gravel

Yesterday we started digging the first Septic tank hole. Unfortunately we ran into a huge rock. Because of this we asked a friend who is a builder to come by and give us a bit of advice. He thinks we can break it up with a rock breaker that will hook up to our rental machine. Time will tell if it will do the job, if it doesn’t we will have to blow it up. Which could be fun also.

Today we dug the second septic tank and found another rock about 5′. More rock breaking! Yay!! We then dug the trench for the drain line from the tanks to the leach field. It needed to be 2′ deep to keep it from freezing and being crushed.

We also started the leach field. This is Turing out to be a bit of a task for a few reasons. It is on the back of the property, which has a 12-14 degree slope. There is are a bunch of trees in the way to get access to the site. Slowly we will get this figured out. Video below shows a little of the last couple days.

The weather is saying snow is coming, time will tell. I want to get the leach field dug but that might be postponed for a couple days due to access.

2 Replies to “To the Depths – Septic Install”

  1. A lot bigger then the septic we needed for the house we r building! Are u guys just digging the holes and someone else installing and setting up septic system?

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