So it is the 14th of December and we have had minimal snow in the Denver area, even in the high country. Our property is at 8,500 feet above sea level so the weather can have a large effect on what we can accomplish. Well, last night we got about 2″ of snow that fell. This late in the year causes problems when it comes to progress. The ground starts to freeze and is much harder than you would ever guess. It limits our access to the leach field which is on a fairly steep slope on the back side of the property. Time will tell what we will be able to complete this winter.

The funny thing is I am a bit of a weather nut (just ask Karyn, my wife, I should have been a weather forecaster). I love cloud formations, big storms and watching how they form and dissipate. The video here shows some pretty cool cloud changes that we saw today. Beautiful to watch come and go. This is one thing I look forward to when we live up here full time.

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