Build Upon a Rock Mass- Part 1 Footer Framing

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Building upon the rock mass. In the end it creates a home that will stay in place no matter what is thrown at it. In our case this has involved renting equipment to move dirt, hiring a company to blast granite below grade level and lots and lots of time with a rake and shovel. In the end it will ensure our home does not move much, if at all. Which is a very good thing!

We have been framing the footers, which will be 24″ wide and 8″ thick. They will have 3 rows of rebar throughout. Where they cannot be buried deeper than 4′ to be below the frost depth, they will be anchored into granite with 1/2″ rebar 12″ into the granite and epoxy anchors installed. I will have pictures and video up as we go through the next few weeks.

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