Build Upon a Rock Mass- Part 3 Nudura ICF Foundation Install

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So the footer is in and the next step is foundation.  I do have to say I am grateful for my youth for many reasons.  One is I spent hours playing with Legos and Video Games and with this project they have come in handy.  I will explain.

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Video Games–  The controls on a back hoe are joy sticks, that are much like a controller for video games. Making digging the septic system, leach field, excavation of foundation walls that much easier.  We spent about 60 days in the excavator moving dirt, so being able to use it with ease made it much more enjoyable to get done. Plus its always fun working with big equipment.

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Legos- The product we are using is called Nudura.  They are ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) that provides many positive things in a simple package.  They are 2″ thick styrofoam on both sides with plastic splines that hold them together, these splines enable to to screw drywall right to the wall.  The foam insulation provides a thermal break on the exterior with additional insulation inside, creating a more efficient wall.

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I also just thought how Tetris has helped with the Nudura, fitting things in the right spot.

Nudura was the supplier for our insulated concrete forms.  Dad attended one of the classes that helped answer many question before we started.  This whole project took 2 guys 2 weeks to complete.  Including leveling, rebar installation and bracing to prepare for concrete.  This was a great option as it completed the foundation and insulation at the same time.  It also stays in place so there are no forms to remove. If you have any questions contact John Tenney of Tenney ICF 719-330-4987 or and he will help you through the process.

The following video shows 5 weeks of work on the foundation wall framing in about 5 minutes.

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