Next step to getting things dried in is trusses, sheeting and the we are hiring a company to roof it.

Truss delivery was quite simply and ordeal. Due to snow and the limited access on the site it took almost two weeks to get 4 deliveries. Snow kept them from delivering for a half of one week, then my buddy Bear got the remaining deliveries backed up the drive like a boss and we were off and running.

Bear also did our Truss Design. High Plateau Truss 303-278-9744. Highly recommend this company. They were incredible, also providing a 3D model of the truss installation. I attached a couple of pics below to show you what they gave us. It helped in making sure all was put in place properly. In the process of building they also label each of the trusses so we can see where they are placed and helped us a lot with planning. Sorry the video is so long but it shows all our trusses going in.

Installation was made easier with a tele-handler and boom truss extension. It did the heavy lifting and enabled access and moving of trusses around very simple. Using ladders and scaffolding we were able to safely and efficiently get all the trusses installed and braced. As we get into sheeting the roof we will be using body harnesses and anchors to make sure not one takes a fall.

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